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No! A thousand times no! (Or at least nine hundred and ninety-nine times no.)

What determines success with an invention - as with much of life generally - is not the idea itself but what you do with it.

Always. There’s no way round the necessity to do at least some development, even if you’re operating in a field of ...

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This is both old and still ongoing news in the sense that Elizabeth Holmes was busted as a fake in 2015, goes on trial for fraud in July 2019 - facing a possible 20 years in jail - and will, as is pretty much inevitable these days, be the subject of a Hollywood movie.

Also on trial as an accomplice is, or ought to be, the patent system that ...

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At least one family in fifteenth-century England would have had no trouble recognising the twenty-first century patent system. Bear with me for a few paragraphs and I’ll get to the relevance.

The Pastons were an astute Norfolk family who, after the Black Death created severe labour shortages, rose from peasantry to wealth and high status in ...

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Starting a patent search for an inventor used to be pretty close to fun. It was like setting out on a voyage of discovery, navigating to a niche subject area perhaps previously unvisited.

Thanks to the wonder that is Espacenet, ...

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James Dyson is getting predictable stick for his decision to move the HQ of the Dyson empire from the UK to Singapore.

At the top of the charge sheet is hypocrisy. James Dyson supports Brexit, so to many the move looks like putting self-preservation before principle.

The Dyson defence is that Dyson is now a global tech company that ...

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