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Welcome to our blog, brought back from the dead (in SEO terms) after an absence of about four years.

It’s not that there was zilch to blog about. It’s merely that in 2015, chief setter of mousetraps Graham Barker – aka me – took a Big Decision when he found himself hovering around retirement age.

After many years of sitting glued to a Mac, he felt it was high time for a more physical challenge than just the occasional Pennine hill walk. So he bought a house that needed total renovation and moved into it.

He – OK, I – intended to keep running as normal, which largely happened. But every day brought a new dust cloud, every week more stuff to clamber over to reach the desk, and every month a need to drag the ‘office’ – a plastic-sheeted igloo – somewhere else. A few things had to give, and keeping on top of the website was one of them.

The house project is at last winding down and the rest of the team hasn’t roamed far, so it’s now time to relight the fire.

The website will be gradually expanded with what we hope is even more useful information for inventors.

One potential project is to add audio versions of some content.

Another is to update our book A Better Mousetrap – most recent edition 2007, so getting creaky even if the fundamentals remain the same.

What we have vaguely in mind is a chapter-by-chapter online rebuild with opportunities for continuous inventor/reader feedback, but we’ll have to see how practical that is. (Stephen King fans may remember his failed attempt at an online serial novel.)

We’ll keep you informed via the blog and Twitter. We’ll also welcome ideas about what content might usefully be added to a website that’s part commercial, part inventor information.

Anyway, that’s enough for the time being. It’s good to be properly back.

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