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Searching and evaluating patents isn’t easy. Let us do it for you.

For any invention idea a prior art search is essential even if you don’t plan to patent your idea. This enables you to find out how original that idea is and what your chances might be of claiming it as your own.

Prior art (what’s been done before that’s similar) isn’t just products found in stores or via Google. It’s also any form of documentation of your idea, and that’s a more complex search challenge.

Patent databases conveniently document and store many millions of ideas. Even though most patents never become products they still count as prior art, so like it or not you’ve got to go there and search….or you can let us do it for you.

While online patent databases can be used by anyone, knowing where and how deep to dig takes skill, as does interpreting the significance of search findings or individual patents.

Our patent search service costs only £200 – substantially less than many others. That’s because it’s designed for inventors rather than big companies.

What most early-stage inventors need is a clear picture to help them plan their next move rather than a mass of techno-legal detail to wade through, so we’re confident we can conclude a typical search for an inventor within a set time. (If we can’t, we usually just stop the clock and keep going.)

Subject to workload we try to email your search results within 15 working days. If there is likely to be a delay, we’ll let you know as soon as possible.

As with everything we do, you’re protected by our automatic promise of full confidentiality. If you wish we’ll also sign your own NDA as long as we can accept its terms.

Ordering Your Patent Search

STEP 1: Use the secure form below to describe your idea. Attach drawing files if you wish but no individual file must exceed 5MB.

STEP 2: Complete the submission form then click 'finish'.

STEP 3: Upon completion of the form, you will be redirected to our payment page. Make your payment. Your research and report order becomes ‘live’ when we receive payment confirmation from PayPal.


In particular we need to know:

• The problem your idea solves
• The technical advantages of your idea compared to known products [the inventive step(s)]
• Any specific aspects you want us to concentrate on.

Optional Information

You can attach up to three drawing or image files (PDF, TXT, Word, Excel, JPG, GIF, PNG) but none must individually exceed 5MB

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